HR Talks Presents: Navigating the Future of Work

(This event is sold out and registration is now closed.)

As part of the Monica Belcourt Speakers Forum presented by the School of HRM and the Faculty of LA&PS, guest speaker Zabeen Hirji will deliver a talk on November 20th titled "Navigating the Future of Work: What an exciting time to be in HR".

Paradigm shifting technology, alternative work arrangements, shifting demographics, employee expectations and social forces are reshaping workforces and workplaces. It seems that every newspaper and newsfeed, HR journal and conference talks about the Future of Work. While there is no crystal ball to predict the future with certainty, we must take action today. We can implement new practices, rapidly scale those that work and shed those that don’t. This requires bold leadership, new levels of collaboration, and the willingness to learn through experimentation.

This interactive session will offer perspectives on:

  • Key forces driving the Future of Work
  • How workforces and workplaces are changing
  • New talent practices organizations can implement
  • How HR leaders can have more impact

View video on Deloitte Insights into navigating the future of work.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Engaging business partners and mobilizing for action
  • Embedding “always learning” in the DNA of your organization and reskilling people
  • Building a more adaptable organization and culture – purpose driven, flexible, collaborative, inclusive, innovative and resilient
  • Transitioning from jobs to career experiences

The Goal: HR leaders in all sectors and industries will leave with practical ideas for what you and your teams can do to be leaders in the Future of Work in your organization.

Zabeen Hirji is a Strategic Advisor to the private, public and academic sectors. Her areas of focus include Future of Work, leadership and talent management, diversity and inclusion and corporate citizenship.

As Global Advisor, Future of Work at Deloitte, she advises the firm and its clients on issues key to the transformation agendas of business and government. She advises senior levels of government and academia on Diversity and Inclusion and preparing youth for the Future of Work.

She recently retired from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) following a distinguished 40-year career, including her role as RBC’s Chief Human Resources Officer from 2007-2017 and as a member of RBC’s Group Executive Committee which sets the strategic direction of the bank. Over the years, Zabeen has received numerous recognitions for leadership in Human Resources.