BHRM Student, Kevin Cao, Awarded 2017 Outstanding Global Engagement

One of our very own Bachelor of Human Resources Management students - Kevin Cao has been awarded the 2017 Outstanding Global Engagement Award from York International, celebrating his exemplary contributions to the York International community! The award includes a $500 prize, as well as a certificate signed by the Associate Vice-President International - Dr. Marilyn Lambert-Drache. The accolade is granted to students who have made an impact during their international experience in their academics or career choices, as well as in the way these choices prepared the student to become a global citizen.

Kevin participated in a study abroad exchange at Keele University in England. During this time, he was able to internationalize his BHRM degree by taking HRM courses abroad.

Student standing with the Eiffel Tower in the Background

Kevin Cao

This was one of the best experiences Kevin has been a part of during his time at York! He had the opportunity to explore Europe, with the added bonus of making amazing friends from across the world. Studying abroad made Kevin grow into a more independent person and completely changed his perspective on life by opening the world!

The selection committee was very impressed with the range and breadth of international activities that Kevin was involved in, both at Keele University and York University. Kevin often speaks to groups of students who are interested in going on an exchange and is passionate about international opportunities. He hopes to travel more of the world and continue to further education abroad.

The York International committee commends Kevin for his outstanding global engagement.

Want to learn more about internationalizing your degree at York?
Did you know that as a BHRM student you are able to participate in an exchange?

Quick facts about going on an exchange:

  • Credits earned abroad can be applied towards a York degree.
  • Tuition is paid to York University (not the host institution).
  • The language of instruction is English, unless otherwise stated.
  • You can go on exchange for just one term or a whole year.

For more information, visit York International.