Rima Issa

Honours Bachelor of Human Resource Management
Year of Graduation: 2013

Human Resources Coordinator
TD Bank

Choosing my undergraduate major was not easy, but choosing where to complete it was easy. York was always a top choice when I was applying, but when I found out about the school of HRM at York, there was no further debate. I wanted a program that would not only provide me with HR knowledge, but also prepare me for the workforce. Having reviewed the program details, I was confident it would do just that. Now after graduating and enjoying a career in HR, I can confirm that it did.

After graduating I became an HR Assistant at TD Bank, where I worked on projects including enhancing HR “pipeline” strategies. While in this role I drew upon my academic knowledge to streamline processes and create greater efficiency. I took on many initiatives such as restructuring the vendor management process. Shortly after, I was promoted into the role of HR Specialist. In this position, I provided all active and retired employees with support on unit-specific and bank-wide policies. The interpersonal skills and knowledge I developed through the SHRM program helped me to “stand out” and undoubtedly contributed to my success in becoming an HR Coordinator - the next role in my HR career. As an HR Coordinator, I worked with a specialized team to manage all employees and processes related to disability leaves.

I have since moved to France to complete my Masters in International Human Resource Management, and obtain international work experience. As part of my program I am concurrently completing an internship at Amazon where I work in HR Data Analytics. The School of HRM at York provided a great foundation that not only taught me the knowledge I needed to succeed but also how to apply it to my own line of work.

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