The Law of Work -- book cover with David Doorey | photo-illustration | 2018-01-31

Professor Doorey's New Book Receives High Praise


Professor David Doorey has published a new book entitled The Law of Work: The Complete Edition.   Already the book has been adopted for courses in employment law, labour law,

Professor Doorey: The Law of Work

and industrial relations in universities across the country.   Professor Emeritus Harry Arthurs, former Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School and President of York University offered high praise for The Law of Work:

"Comprehensive, insightful, learned, provocative, teachable, and a visual treat...David Doorey and his guest experts have touched all the bases,  This is the Canadian employment and labour law text for our time."

Dr. David Doorey is an Associate Professor of labour and employment law and Director of the School of Human Resource Management at York University.