The keys to successful formal mentoring by Professor Jelena Zikic

Jelena Zikic is an associate professor at the School of Human Resource Management.

The keys to successful formal mentoring

Formal mentoring programs – organization-assisted matching between a mentor and a protégé, usually short term – are a way of helping newcomers learn the ropes and/or assisting more junior employees to advance their careers.

Jelena Zikic, Assc. Professor, SHRM

What is perhaps less common is for these formal mentoring relationships to advance and become strong long-term work connections, as may be the case with informal mentoring – when we naturally gravitate to mentor someone.

However, a recent study found that even formal mentoring can lead to high-quality relationships that last.

So, what is critical to make your formal mentoring program more beneficial for both the mentor and the protégé?

You can read the full article published in the Globe and Mail on May 16, 2017 here:

The keys to successful formal mentoring - The Globe and Mail