The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) at York University is Canada's leader in HRM education.

SHRM houses the single largest group of scholars of any Canadian university dedicated to the study of work, and all that it entails. Our cutting-edge research, undertaken within the range of methodological, ontological, and epistemological perspectives, addresses real-world problems and significant intellectual debates.

Expertise of our faculty members ranges all areas of HRM specialization, including but not limited to: career management, compensation, critical management studies, labour and employment law, gender and diversity, global HRM, industrial relations, recruitment and selection, labour economics and statistics, strategic HRM, training and development, and work-nonwork issues.

SHRM offers the following degrees:


BHRM (Honours)

Masters of HRM (MHRM)

Ph.D (Human Resource Management)

Minor in Human Resource Management

The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Canada’s leader in HRM education – now offers a minor program in Human Resource Management. [read more...]