Welcome to the School of Human Resource Management

The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) at York University is Canada's leader in HRM education.  SHRM is home to over a 1,000 undergraduate and graduate (MHRM, PhD) students, making it the largest university unit in Canada devoted to the study of HRM and work in today's complex world.

SHRM is also home to the single largest group of scholars at any Canadian university in the field.  The faculty's multi-discplinary, cutting-edge research addresses real-world problems and engages with some of the more pressing intellectual debates relating to world of work today.  Expertise of our faculty members is wide-ranging and includes career management, industrial psychology, compensation, critical management studies, labour and employment law, gender and diversity, global HRM, industrial relations, HRM analytics, corporate social responsibility, human rights, recruitment and selection, labour economics and statistics, strategic HRM, training and development, and work-life balance issues.  This diversity of expertise and interests makes SHRM a challenging, inspirational, and thrilling place to learn.

SHRM offers the following degrees:


BHRM (Honours)

Masters of HRM (MHRM)

Ph.D (Human Resource Management)

Minor in Human Resource Management

The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers a minor program in Human Resource Management for students in other programs looking to develop their knowledge and expertise in the field. [Read more about the Minor in HRM...]

Certificate in Human Resource Management

SHRM also offers a leading Certificate in HRM for both existing York University students and a stand-alone Certificate for applicants with a prior university degree who are looking for education in HRM and to complete the mandatory courses for professional designation in the field.  The Certificate programs offer students all of the mandatory courses required to obtain the professional HR designations offered by the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA).   Students in the SHRM Certificate programs take the same courses as full-time BHRM students, taught by the country's leading academics in the field.  In addition, since SHRM's Certificate courses are degree courses, they can be used towards completion of undergraduate degrees.  [Read more about the Certificate in HRM offered by the School of HRM...]